17 March 2016

If you are a present client or a past client that has used our forecasting and has battled to take full advantage of it (or if you aren't a client yet, but are a businessman, investor or trader that has been negatively affected by the Rand's extreme volatility of late), then I have some great news for you.

Following feedback from our clientbase, it has been clear that a tutorial/guide/report has been needed in order to give clients a comprehensive overview of our Forecasting System and how to use it to optimize your forex transactions.

I have therefore put together a 19-page Special Report entitled:

How to Use the Rand Forecasting System to Maximum Advantage

This is what is is covered in the Special Report:

  • The science and principles that govern market movements
  • The importance of different degrees of trend
  • The timeframes of our 4 forecast periods and how these relate to each other
  • A forecast example with full explanation of each area of the chart and commentary
  • An explanation and Key to the chart pattern Symbols
  • The 5 simple rules to optimize the timing of your exchanges, using the 4 timeframes
  • Interpreting the chart symbol keys into decisions/actions (for exporters and importers)
  • A full example as an importer using this system starting on a date when everyone was panicking
As you can see, this is pretty comprehensive and should make a world of difference using the forecasts.

...the feedback so far from the first few persons I have shared it with has been very positive:

  • "... think it’s great. Definitely gives a better understanding of the content you provide."
  • "It certainly does assist in the practical use of your graphs in the practical decision-making process"

So I want to make this available to all my clients and prospective clients to help them in understanding the system and using it to the best advantage.

And not only that, but to get your feedback as well.

Download your copy of the Special Report here

And for subscriber clients, to make this easier to apply on the fly, we have added a bar in the forecasts area below the Quicklinks (see image below), where you can download this PDF, or else bring a popup screen with the various guides included in this Report.

Rand-Forecast-System-Tutorial-GuidesClick to go to forecast page

So please download your copy of the Special Report, give it a read through (maybe more than once)

And then please give me some feedback below or send me an email here.

To your success~

James Paynter
James Paynter


This tutorial will show you the power of our forecasting system when used properly. But the proof is in the pudding...so I want to give the chance to test-drive the service yourself at no cost...

Try out our forecasting service risk free for 14 days

P.S. Just a reminder...Elliottwave is still offering their free Global Markets Report 2016 Edition report, but there are not many free copies left. If you haven't already, grab your copy before its too late!

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