Know WHERE the Rand is likely to head in time and price...

Take advantage of the Rand's movements, by knowing beforehand where it is most likely to head over the next few days, weeks, months and years.

A Rand prediction service with a proven track record dedicated to Dollar to Rand forecasts, Euro to Rand forecasts and Pound to Rand forecasts using sophisticated pattern-matching technology.

This together with price ratio analysis, momentum and cycles studies to generate an objective forecast of where the Rand is likely to head in price, in the next few days, weeks, months and years.

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Are the Rand's movements against the Dollar, Euro & Pound scaring you today?

  • Are you feeling lost, confused, frustrated and bewildered with your foreign exchange transactions?
  • Feeling like you always are trading at the wrong time, or not sure at all whether you could do better?
  • Not sure how much further the Rand is likely to head, or if it is close to a reversal?
  • Feeling like you need to know more, but this only confuses you more?

There is a solution to your Rand Prediction problem.

    • One that gives you an indication of the expected twists and turns in the market.
    • One that puts the probabilities back in your favour
    • And one that gives you the ability to make educated and informed decisions, instead of irrational, emotional-driven ones.
    • ...And one that will save you stress, time and money.

    Your service has been useful in terms of when to make our Dollar payments

    We import text books – from London and the USA, for students. Since our margins are dependent on the fluctuations of the rand (we need to pay in US Dollars) your service has been useful, in terms of when to make our Dollar payments, to minimize the number of rands we need to pay.

    Thank You James, we will sign up again in next years book season, we are growing so I am sure your service will become ever more useful to us.

    Kind Regards

    Ross Johnston, Rehab Discounts CC, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

    Extremely valuable, informative and helpful

    Thanks for the service you have rendered – it has been most extremely valuable, informative and helpful in our business forex decisions.

    I will miss the information and general feeling on how the markets are going…


    Clint Gough, CreativHandz Energy Solutions, Johannesburg

    What exactly do I get?

    Simply, we provide you with a forecast for the Rand against the Dollar, Euro or Pound at least twice a week (more if the market requires an update), giving the most likely outlook in four different timeframes - the next few days, weeks, months and years.

    This is a web-based service and you will be provided with access to the forecast page.

    Below are some examples of forecasts that we issued which gave clients a heads up as to how far the Rand was expected to go in time and price, and too when a major change in trend was imminent.

    Simply click on each forecast caption to see the actual forecast

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    How does it work?

    This is a subscription service providing forecasts on the Rand versus the Dollar, Euro and Pound using pattern-matching technology.

    The Rand, like any other financial market, is moved by mass human sentiment – the millions of persons involved in the market make the decision to buy, sell or do nothing - based on the information available to them and their reaction to this.

    Now, the fact is that, as humans, almost all of our decisions are emotionally-driven – we then back these up with logic afterwards.

    As we tend to have the same emotions in similar circumstances, we tend to make the same (emotionally-driven) decisions in similar circumstances. 

    As a result, the price patterns that we see on any financial chart are patterns of mass human emotion which tend to repeat themselves, as the market is driven from extremes of hope and greed, to fear and despair.

    "What  actually  registers  in  the  market's fluctuations  are  not  the  events  themselves,  but  the human reactions to these events."

    - Bernard Baruch, (1870‐1965) – stock market speculator, statesman, and presidential advisor

    Because these patterns repeat themselves in larger and smaller degrees, using cutting-edge pattern-matching technology which has analysed millions of historical patterns, we are able to find a best fit for the current market in terms of shape and degree, which then gives us the most likely target for the current market in time and price – based on how the market has reacted historically.

    And this is what we have been doing for hundreds of our clients since 2005.

    Think of it like a weather forecast for the Rand…

    In 2017, the USA experienced the the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in history, with winds over 300km/h– creating a disaster that affected millions of people. And yet many thousands of lives were saved due to one thing – a timely warning of what lay ahead.

    In the days leading up to landfall, National Hurricane Center provided updates giving expected date and time of landfall, its expected speed and path, the windspeeds and storm surge.

    How did they do this?

    Through analyzing historical weather patterns.

    And as technology has become better at analyzing these patterns, so the forecasts have become more dependable (Accuweather or Windguru is never 100% right, but it is much better at getting it right than I am).

    And this is no different, except we are using past patterns of human emotion to forecast future patterns.

    And in the same way, giving persons time to make informed decisions – and take action.

    What can this do for you?

    The best is to direct you to what others have said about this service.  In brief, from our own experience, it gives you a clear view as to where the market is likely to move in the short term through to the long term.

    This gives you the ability to decide better, react better, budget better, plan better, cost better.

    It helps you as to when it is in your favour to cover forward more or hold back.

    It gives you levels at which you would need to change your assumptions.

    Simply put, it provides a roadmap and a framework to make better informed decisions.

    The net result for you:

    • Less stress, anxiety and frustration as to what the market is doing
    • More clarity and confidence when making your forex decisions
    • More time and ability to focus on your core business
    • More consistency in your bottom line

    Find out if this is for you…

    This service is not for everyone.

    For instance, if you are looking for the holy grail for trading the forex market, this is not for you (please keep looking and tell us when you find it).

    Or if you are looking for a system that will give you a 100% accurate forecast every time on what the Rand is likely to do, we also cannot help you (again, let us know if you find one that does).

    BUT…if you have foreign currency exposures, and you are tired of being at the mercy of the market, and want a clear roadmap as to where the market is likely to head - a solution that will give you an edge, and the information necessary to make better, informed and objective decisions with your foreign exchange, and improve your bottomline…


    To find out more about this service and what it will cost and for the chance to grab our SPECIAL introductory limited time RISK-FREE offer, simply hit the button -- and start benefiting...from TODAY.

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    P.S. Are you interested in other markets besides USDZAR, EURZAR, GBPZAR?

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