Find out HOW to Send Or Exchange Your Rands Globally - improved rates and service - without changing banks…

Depending on who you are with, some banks will come to the party with improved exchange rates and service, but for many, foreign exchange transactions are marked by poor pricing, shoddy service, red tape and exorbitant charges.

That's why we have set up special arrangements with several dedicated forex providers, with premium pricing, low fees & excellent service, for the benefit our clients…

Who is this for?

As a business or individual, if you realize you are being ripped off by your bank or forex transfer provider, or if you are still having to stand in queues, or you are having to submit reams of paperwork, and you don't have ability to negotiate a market-related rate, then it is likely that your current forex relationship is costing you plenty in money, time and frustration.

Is this tailored for businesses or individuals?

We have got you covered for both.

We have set up special arrangements that would suit both - from businesses with Rand Exposures of any size (including spot & forward cover facility/options), down to individuals using their R1m Investment Allowance - and everything in between.

How does it work?

We have negotiated arrangements specifically for our clients to open up zero-cost facilities with forex providers that are not the traditional big banks. They are focused on this as their dedicated business, and are driven to provide a superior service with excellent rates.

Your account can be up and running within 24 hours and you can start handling your exchange and/or transfer of funds offshore or foreign funds in to SA. For individuals, we can also organize a free tax clearance applications to SARS.

What can it do for you?

Having a zero-cost alternative for exchanging your funds has many advantages:

  • A customer-orientated service
  • Better rates than what you have been offered up to now
  • An online platform on which to load your transfers
  • Fast, high quality support via phone & email

What will it cost?

Nothing. Zilch. Apart from a little bit of time to get registered.

What you need to do now…

Use our friendly chatbot below to give us some more details on what sort of service you are looking for.

We will get back to you as soon as we have an understanding of your needs, and have discussed a tailored proposal with one of our partners, to suit your particular forex situation.