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Dynamic Outcomes is a financial market research and forecasting service, which has specialized in providing comprehensive and consistently accurate forecasts on currency and other financial markets since 2005.

While the primary focus has been on the Rand versus major currencies, we have forecasted many other currency pairs, indices and commodities.


We use a combination of programs and years of knowledge and experience in order to provide you with highly accurate and dependable forecasts. Our forecasting system is based on the Elliott Wave Principle (the laws governing human nature in financial markets), together with a unique application of momentum, price ratio & proportion and time cycles analysis to give you a comprehensive and highly probable outlook for the market.

  • When we started

    We started publishing forecasts on financial markets professionally in 2005, but our forex journey started 12 years prior.

  • Consistent Accuracy

    Since 2005, our comprehensive forecasts have consistently helped clients to optimize the timing of their trades and exchanges.

  • The Future

    We are continually looking to improve and expand our offering to clients, and have some big things planned for the near future


Updating Your Details on Our System

Updating your details on our system is as simple as submitting one short form and all your details will update on the backend in our CRM. Just follow this simple process:

  1. Go to and log in to your account.
  2. Now, on the top of the left sidebar you will see a link to ‘Update My Details’ underneath the heading ‘My Profile’. See below for screenshot:
  3. Select the link and a small pop-up window will appear, giving you a form to fill out with all of your new details
  4. Select the button to save changes and your details will be updated on our system.

Adding a New Credit Card to Our System

As is always the problem with credit cards, they expire at the most impractical of times for our clients with their subscription. This results in loss of access to our content, and unhappy customers 🙁

So we changed the way we do things to make it as simple as possible for you to load your new card up immediately, and have no issues with restricted access.

  1. Go to and log in to your account.
  2. Take a look at the left hand sidebar. There you will find a category named ‘My Payments’. Under there you will see the option to ‘Add a New Credit Card’.
  3. When you select that, a small pop-up window will occur, giving you a form to fill out with a new credit card.
    Now rest assured, all traffic on our website is SSL, HTTPS secured, and your information and card details are 100% safe!
  4. Fill out the form and select ‘Save Changes’ and the system will verify your card and then add it to the system. We will then re-run the charge on your card to ensure there is no break in access.

I have forgotten my username and password. How do I retrieve/change it?

You can have your password sent to you here.


How does the 14-day free trial work?

There are no hidden prices or charges on this one. Completely free access to all of our forecasting for the period of 14 days. After the 14 days, we can have a chat and decide on a subscription plan which is suited specifically to you, and your situation.

What will I receive when I subscribe to your forecasting service?

You will receive online access to forecasts through our membership portal, providing you with the expected future movement for USD/ZAR, EUR/ZAR & GBP/ZAR forex pairs. We have 4 different timeframes, and dependent on which you choose, you will gain access to: The Short Term Forecast (next few days), The Near Term Forecast (next few weeks), The Medium Term Forecast (next few months), and The Long Term Forecast (next few years).

Here is a historical sample

This forecast is updated at least twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays), more if movement requires it, and we also provide a reminder service advising you when the next update is available.

We also offer a number of premium features to our Platinum Plus subscribers, such as Forward Rate Calculators, Live Chat Access to Top Analysts, Email & SMS Rate Alerts and more!

In addition, you will receive access to all our historical forecasts, newsletters, plus 4 bonus eBooks "How to Turn Forecasts into Profits", "The Rand Trader's Handbook", "How to Make Huge Savings on on Your Rand Forex Transactions" and "How to Use Our Rand Forecasting System to Maximum Advantage"

What is the minimum subscription period?

Our minimum subscription period is one month. We also offer discounted subscription rates for quarterly and 6-monthly subscriptions.

To see our present subscriptions, click here

When does the subscription period start and end - is it a calendar month or a month from when I subscribe?

The subscription starts on the day you sign up and runs for a month from that date. Unless you cancel the subscription, it will then renew on the same day of the following month (or quarter/6-months, if you subscribe for a longer period).

To see our present subscriptions, click here

Upgrading, Downgrading or Cancelling your Subscription

Changing your subscription is as easy as submitting one form, and we will contact you in little to no time to discuss the way forward.

We find this is the easiest way to move forward with our customers, to avoid confusion.

To Upgrade your Subscription, click here: Upgrade Subscription
To Downgrade your Subscription, click here: Downgrade Subscription
To Cancel your Subscription, click here: Cancel Subscription

How do you accept payment?

You can pay us via a number of different options. We accept most credit cards for online transactions, and then effortless recurring billing to ensure uninterrupted access. We can also however, be paid via PayPal or EFT. Please contact us if you would like to use either of these options.

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What if I don't find the forecasts of benefit?

In the unlikely event that this doesn't open your eyes to seeing the markets in a new light, then simply cancel your subscription.  But please do so only after you have given yourself time to assess it properly.  That's why we give you a 60 day money back guarantee - if you are dissatisfied for any reason, we will refund you up to 60 days of your subscription.

How do I know when there are new forecasts?

We release forecasts Bi-Weekly, on a Monday and a Thursday. We also offer a free service of sending you a reminder email each and every time forecasts are updated. This means you are kept up to date at all times, and never miss a beat in the Forex markets.

How can I trust your forecasts?

We have been forecasting the Rand and other markets with consistent accuracy since 2005, using a combination of sophisticated Elliott Wave pattern-matching technology and momentum, cycle and price ratio analysis.  No forecast can be 100% accurate, but our service has given clients a consistent edge over emotional, random and gut-feel decision-making.  Take a look at our many testimonials from satisfied clients.  Or better still, try it yourself.

I don't understand the forecasts. Please can you help me?

Don't worry, we understand! The forecasts can be confusing at first, and signals, signs and market direction can be confusing to make sense of. But we have put it all simply into one eBook. We have received fantastic reviews as to it, so we would recommend that you read through it.

You can download it here by clicking on the eBook "How to use The Rand Forecast System to Maximum Advantage" -

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Common Questions & Issues

How do I know my information is safe with you?

All our website content is secured behind SSL Security, with everything being processed over an HTTPS SSL Secured connection. All your card details are stored on a server in America which has even better encryption and security than we have! So you can rest assured that your information is in safe hands

I have registered, but have not received a confirmation email with my login details - what's happened?

This is probably due to the fact that the confirmation email has been caught in your junkmail box or your service-provider's spam filter - please check in these folders for the email.

To ensure you receive future communication, please whitelist our domain To see how to do so go here.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us by email or phone to confirm your registration.

Why can't I login successfully with the username and password supplied?

The password generated is made up of alphanumericals and it is possible that there could be an error when you try and fill this in on the login page. Rather copy the password and paste it into the login area. Once you have logged in, you can change your password by going here.

How do I turn forecast update email reminders on/off

By default, we send you an email when a forecast has been updated. Some people really want to receive these emails but others could not be bothered in the slightest.

So we made it as simple as possible for you to adjust this at any time with a short and simple process.

  1. Go to and log in to your account.
  2. Navigate to any of the forecast pages, such as USDZAR, EURZAR or GBPZAR
  3. On any of the forecast pages, you will see a small icon on the left hand side showing either a tick or a cross, indicating whether you are receiving our updates or not.
  4. If you wish to change your selection, click the link at the end of that text where it says “change here”, and it will pop up a window where you can change your selection.
  5. Make your selection and select submit. You have now updated your preferences for reminder emails.

To what extent does Gold affect on the South African economy and the Rand?

Historically, gold had an enormous impact on the South African economy and the Rand. But this has changed considerably in recent years. We cover this in depth in our 20-page report Rand Exposé - the Fundamental Truth, available free on our website.

To download your free copy, click here

What trading platform can I use to trade the Rand vs the Dollar, Euro and Pound as well as other markets?

There are many platforms that now offer the Rand to trade - UK-based IG Markets offer over 10,000 markets, including local markets, have a local office and are fully regulated by the Financial Services Board (FSB) in South Africa and by Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.

Where can I see current exchange rates, particularly on the Rand vs Dollar, Euro or Pound?

We have these available for you on our Charts page - you can find live rates on the Rand vs the Dollar, Euro and Pound as well as other major markets, such as all the FX majors (EUR, GBP, AUD, CAD, CHF, JPY), Gold, Silver, Oil, the Dow Jones and S&P 500

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Glossary of Terms

Target Area - This is the expected “zone” for the Rand to move into in the coming days, weeks, months or years, depending on what forecast you are looking at. It is effectively the high and low range we give you.

Outlook - Another name for one of our forecasts with the view of where the market is expected to head in that particular time frame.

High - A high is the highest price (for the Rand, its worst level/value) in the time frame mentioned e.g. it made a high of over R17.81/$ in 2016.

Low - A low is the lowest price (for the way the Rand is quoted, its best level/value) in the time frame mentioned, e.g. it made a low of R13.15/$ in 2016.

Invalidation - This is the level that the market would need to break above or below for the forecast, based on the preferred Elliott Wave count, would be invalidated for that time frame. If this happens, we will issue an update as soon as possible, with the new preferred wave count.

Close above/below invalidates - This would mean that the market would need to have a closing price for the day (short term) or week (for longer terms) above or below a specific level before it would invalidate our forecast.

Move above/below delays - The correction has extended beyond the optimum target area for a reversal, but has not yet invalidated the current wave count

The close - This is the United States close for the day, as we will often see big moves and trading after the South African one.

Bottoming (bottoming out)- This would indicate the market has been moving down in price (Rand has been strengthening), but that it is nearing the end of this downward trend, and a change of trend is imminent within that time frame.

Topping (topping out)- This would indicate the market has been moving up in price (Rand has been weakening), but that it is nearing the end of this upward trend, and a change of trend is imminent within that time frame.

Consolidate or Consolidation - This would be a period of less volatility and movement after a strong move. We will often see this after a big thrust a short space of time, that the markets would flatten out into a bit of a plateau and retrace slightly, before the trend would continue.

Retrace or Retracement - This would be a partial retracement following a strong move in one direction, before the trend continues ones more.

Rise - This would be an upward move - rising in price i.e. a weakening of the Rand against the Dollar, Euro or Pound.

Fall - This would be a downward move - falling in price i.e. a weakening of the Rand against the Dollar, Euro or Pound.

Sentiment - The general mass psychology and emotion present in those involved in the market. Google’s view is as follows: “a view of or attitude toward a situation or event; an opinion.”

Volatility - Elevated volume and increased nervous sentiment causing sharp moves in the market, often accompanying big news events or data releases (like US Non-farm Payrolls).

Elliott Wave Principle - This is the principle/science upon which our forecasts are based. It is based on the study and analysis of patterns of human behaviour and sentiment in financial markets. We use pattern-matching, price ratios analysis and momentum studies to provide the most likely outcome for the current market.

Short Term - Short Term Forecasts would be the outlook for the next few (up to 8) trading days.

Near Term - Near Term Forecasts would be the outlook for the next few (up to 8) weeks.

Medium Term - Medium Term Forecasts would be the outlook for the next few (up to 8) months.

Long Term - Long Term Forecasts would be the outlook for the next few (up to 8) years.

Support - This is like a floor (as opposed to a ceiling,) being a critical point which is 'holding' an upward trend or that is likely to stop/hinder a downward trend. If this level is broken below, the market will generally seek out the next level of support. It is like the market has broken through the floor of a multi-storey building, and now has a new floor below supporting it, and the old floor (which was support below) is now the ceiling (resistance above). Support levels can be derived from previous highs or lows, Fibonacci ratios of previous moves as well as moving average lines.

Resistance - This is the opposite to support, being like a ceiling (as opposed to a floor) being a critical point which is 'holding' a downward trend or that is likely to stop/hinder an upward trend. If this level is broken above, the market will generally seek out the next level of resistance. It is like the market has broken through the ceiling of a multi-storey building, and it now has a new ceiling above, and the old ceiling (which was resistance above) is now the new floor (support below). Resistance levels can be derived from previous highs or lows, Fibonacci ratios of previous moves as well as moving average lines.

Trendline - This is the line joining previous highs (which will tend to contain the market on the upside as resistance) or previous lows (which will tend to contain the market on the downside as support). A break above or below a trendline often signals a sharp move further in that direction.

Channel (Support/Resistance)- These are parallel lines that are tending or will tend to contain market movement on both the lower (as channel support) and upper side (as channel resistance). A successful break above or below a channel line often signals a sharp move further in that direction.

Momentum - This is the measure of the underlying strength in the market. When the market is in the middle of a powerful upward or downward move over a period of time, it begins to gain in momentum, making it harder to stop (similar to any other moving object).

Bias - We are often monitoring two or more different different Elliott Wave counts (scenarios) at the same time, but there will generally be one of the two counts which has the 'bias'. This is the one we would find more likely to play out in the market, and that is the bias in our forecast.

Wave Count - The Elliott Wave Principle is the discovery that markets move in patterns (or waves) of mass human sentiment, and these patterns repeat themselves in smaller and larger degrees (we tend to make the same emotional decisions in similar circumstances). Just like weather patterns, which repeat themselves as they abide by the Laws of Nature, so the patterns of human activity repeat themselves as governed by the Laws of (Human) Nature. By understanding the 'wave' patterns and the laws that govern them, we find the best fit (wave count) for the current pattern, and provide an outlook as to how that pattern will play out, based on how similar patterns have played out historically.

We use a combination of pattern-matching technology, ratio analysis, momentum and market cycle studies in order to come up with the preferred Wave Count.

Bullish - Bullish is when sentiment is driving the market UP in price (as opposed to bearish). Why bull? Well, think of how a bull attacks with an upward movement of its horns (low to high), as it attempts to toss its opponent into the air.

Bearish - Bearish is when sentiment is driving the market DOWN in price (as opposed to bullish). Why bear? Well, think of how a bear attacks with a downward movement of its paw (high to low), as it attempts to strike its opponent to the ground.

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