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We are pleased to present you with a major upgrade to this area. Below is a fully functional live forex chart defaulted to Dollar/Rand (USD/ZAR) 1 hour chart. The Watchlist table on the RHS has all the main Rand forex pairs listed, as well as all major currency pairs, indexes as well as commodities, with the latest Bid (Export) price shown. Scroll down to see all markets (or reduce height of the Details sections below). Select a market from the Watchlist to change the chart instrument. Alternatively search in the instrument box (top left) of the chart by typing the name or symbol of your desired market. Change timeframes and add indicators (such as MACD, RSI, Stochs) on the top tool bar. Drawing tools (incl. Fibonacci, Gann and Trendlines) can be found on the left tool bar. Note: The old (Saxobank) Chart and Table are now shown below this full-functional one. ENJOY!! ...and watch this space for more enhancements!

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Please note: There are some indicators shown by 3rd party vendors throughout this page, which are not necessarily in alignment with our predictions/forecasts and do not necessarily represent our views. Please keep this in mind if you are using our forecasts for the USD/ZAR, EUR/ZAR and GBP/ZAR.

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Below is the original Saxobank's live forex chart defaulted to Dollar/Rand (USD/ZAR) 5 minute chart (LHS), together with full table of live forex prices (RHS) with the current Bid (export) and Ask (import) as well as high and low for the day.  Use the dropdown boxes to select different markets, period, chart type and add indicators of your choice.

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Rand Forecast Special


"An improvement of about 18 cents on the dollar..."

"Thanks once again for the good service.

By using your forecast I was able to convert my US Dollars into Rands at the correct time and got top rate – an improvement of about 18 cents on the dollar. The last lot of money I brought in and I didn't use your forecast. It was stable around 11.30 for a few weeks so decide to bring it in. The day after it shot up to around 12. That wouldn't have happened if I had seen your forecast.

Thanks again"

Rob Wilmot
Cape Town, South Africa

"I saved at least R250,000... obviously one of the best investments of my life."

"You motivated me to transfer my foreign allowance instead of waiting for the rand to strengthen.

I am now very thankful that I did. I saved at least R250,000 by reading the rand exposé and looking at the ZAR/USD forecasts. It was obviously one of the best investments of my life.


Wynand Coetzer

Stellenbosch, South Africa

"If only I had listened to your prediction!!"

"I now see your point of how the markets can completely disregard fundamental events.

I would have thought the ZAR would strengthen ... but instead the market went in the opposite direction, costing me money for the time being.

If only I had listened to your prediction! It seems Elliot accounted for these bizarre movements without reason.


Cape Town, South Africa