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To empower companies and business-owners with Rand foreign currency exposures, through providing a Rand prediction service that gives an exchange rate forecast for Rand to Dollar, Euro and Pound. We seek to provide you with the right information, tools, resources and systems to better manage your foreign currency risk and optimize the timing and pricing of your transactions; and as a result, save you time, money and stress, and allow you to focus your energy and time on your core business, as well as the persons and things that are most important to them.

Dynamic Outcomes: Enabling You To Successfully Manage Your Forex Exposure, Reduce Stress, Remain Profitable & Grow Your Business With Rand Forecasts

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  • Bi-Weekly Rand Forecasts

    Forecasts published on Monday & Thursday of every week PLUS additional forecasts should the markets move drastically, to keep your game plan up-to-date

  • Complete Access to Membership Area

    Access to our membership area, where we give you access to a wide range of valuable content, aimed at giving you more than your moneys worth!

  • All of our Bonuses Features & Content

    Lots of useful goodies, such as Live Charts, SMS & Email Rate alerts, Forward Rate Calculators, Exclusive eBook reports and much more!

  • Absolute committal to your success!

    We are committed to giving you the absolute best service possible, and doing all we can to ensure your fruitful Forex success.

Some of the clients who have benefited from our service...


Sundays River Citrus Company






Compass Logistics



What our services will give YOU...

  • Significant Savings

    By using our forecasts correctly, you can make significant forex savings over time through putting the probabilities in your favour! Better planning, better transacting, and bigger savings are a few clicks away...

  • Better Planning & Timing

    Our forecasts can give you a much better idea of a timeframe in which to transact, to give you the biggest possible saving, and help you to plan better. No more worrying and debating!

  • More Peace of Mind

    We provide you with the peace of mind for you and your team to further YOUR business and provide the best service to YOUR clients, rather than being held back by Forex woes.

  • Our Committed Support

    We are a team who likes to get things just R-I-G-H-T. If you are not satisfied with our service, then neither are we. We will do all we can to ensure maximum customer satisfaction!

What our subscribers are saying...

Scott Picken Scott Picken, Founder & CEO of Wealth Migrate

"The research is so valuable, we use it all the time, we use it for all our clients..."

Andrew Cooper Andrew Cooper, Private Label Confectionery (Pty) Ltd

"Elliot Wave technology works with such accuracy... It's fantastic"

Bernie Insel Bernie Insel, Durban, KZN, South Africa

I saved a lot of money by getting a much better hit rate on exchange dates and values. Your site is a must for anybody getting paid in foreign currency.

Jurgen Hahndiek Jurgen Hahndiek, Cape Town, South Africa

Your service is excellent and I certainly agree with your views on what actually moves the markets.

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Example of Short Term Forecast (Next Few Days)

Short Term Forecasts give you the predicted roadmap for the next few days. This can be critical to your timing of urgent Forex Transactions!

Example of Near Term Forecast (Next Few Weeks)

Near Term Forecasts give you the predicted roadmap for the next few weeks. This is perfect for business/personal transactions done monthly!

Example of Medium Term Forecast (Next Few Months)

Medium Term Forecasts give you the predicted roadmap for the next few months. This is perfect for business transactions done on a quarterly basis!

Example of Long Term Forecast (Next Few Years)

Long Term Forecasts give you the predicted roadmap for the next few years. This is perfect for those with long term goals who need to know future rates

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Free Ebook Bonus Reports



Use Rand Forecasting System to Maxmimum Advantage!

How to Turn Forecasts into Profits!

The Rand Traders Handbook!

How to make Huge Savings on your Forex Transactions!

Our PREMIUM Features to help you MAXIMIZE your Forex Savings...

  • Email & SMS Price Alert!

    Ever wanted to know EXACTLY when a specific rate is hit? Now you can with Email and SMS Rate Alerts sent directly to your PC and Mobile Phone!

  • Rand Fundamentals Events

    Ever wanted to know what upcoming events are going to have an effect on the markets? Now you can with our Rand Fundamentals which give warning for big events!

  • Forward Rate Calculator

    Ever wanted to calculate a forward rate for Futures? Now you can with our Forward Rate Calculator which instantly calculates your Forward Rate & Pips for any date!

  • Live Rates Pop-up

    Ever wanted to be able to view live rates while checking our forecasts? Now you can with our new forecast pop-up feature, which allows seamless simultaneous viewing.

  • Phone/Live Chat Access to Top Analyst

    Ever wanted to just speak to a Top Market Analyst? Now you can, as our premium plans offer 1hr/month phone or live chat access to our Head Analyst, James Paynter!

  • Interim Updates

    Ever wanted to get a quick update on how the market is doing after it breaks a crucial level? Now you can with our interim updates which keep you up to date!

Live/Phone Access To Top Analyst
SMS & Email Rate Alert
Interim Updates
Rand Fundamentals & Events
Forward Rate Calculator
Forex Trading Toolbox
Live Charts Pop-Up

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So you want to make certain you know what you are getting yourself into? Sure. We understand and respect that. If you want further info, then this section is definitely for you. Take a look down below to see our FAQ. If you don't find your answers there, we will have a contact form below to send your questions through to.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the 14-day free trial work?

There are no hidden prices or charges on this one. Completely free access to all of our forecasting for the period of 14 days. After the 14 days, we can have a chat and decide on a subscription plan which is suited specifically to you, and your situation.

How can I trust your forecasts?

We have been forecasting the Rand and other markets with consistent accuracy since 2005, using a combination of sophisticated Elliott Wave pattern-matching technology and momentum, cycle and price ratio analysis.  No forecast can be 100% accurate, but our service has given clients a consistent edge over emotional, random and gut-feel decision-making.  Take a look at our many testimonials from satisfied clients.  Or better still, try it yourself.

How do I know my information is safe with you?

All our website content is secured behind SSL Security, with everything being processed over an HTTPS SSL Secured connection. All your card details are stored on a server in America which has even better encryption and security than we have! So you can rest assured that your information is in safe hands

How do I know when there are new forecasts?

We release forecasts Bi-Weekly, on a Monday and a Thursday. We also offer a free service of sending you a reminder email each and every time forecasts are updated. This means you are kept up to date at all times, and never miss a beat in the Forex markets.

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