Know WHEN to exchange your Rands…

It is one thing to use our Rand to Dollar, Rand to Euro and Rand to Pound predictions and forecasts to understand where the South African Rand is likely to head against the Dollar, Euro and Pound, but it is just as important to know when to actually pull the trigger and exchange your foreign currency.

With this in view, we have now entered into a relationship with InfiniteEDGE enabling us to offer their "InfiniteEDGE" tool, which has been specifically developed for South African exporters and importers to help them optimize the timing of their Rand foreign exchange transactions.

How does it work?

This is a piece of software that sits on your computer that tells you simply to either WAIT…or EXCHANGE.

The signals are based on algorithms that determine when a change in trend has taken place and when the market has reached an extreme in momentum.

What can it do for you?

The beauty of this tool is that it is a measurable forex system – you can test it against your present system.

Based on actual benchmark testing that has been done on hundreds of actual transactions totaling more than R3bn, this system has shown savings of 3c per Dollar in low volatility markets, 8c saving per Dollar in medium volatility markets, and 25c in high volatility markets.

And all this with a tool that can tell you – in less than a minute – whether to WAIT or EXCHANGE (within your trading window).

And as a result:

  • Less effort, stress, worrying, and regret
  • More time, energy, focus…and profit

Who is this tool for?

This tool is not for everyone.

It is primarily for exporters and importers with fair to large currency exposures, who have a window within which they can exchange their foreign currency and need a system to help them optimize the timing of these transactions.

This is not a case of winning every time, but having a system with a mathematical edge that, over a number of trades, will give you downside protection while optimizing upside potential.

What will it cost?

This is a monthly subscription-based product, which you can use as and when you need it. The monthly pricing will depend on your forex risk profile and volumes, and we would need to understand the details of your forex system in order to provide a recommendation and quotation.

What you need to do now…

If you are interested in putting a forex system in place that will reduce your time and stress and increase your profits, head over to the InfiniteEdge website for more details, and fill in the form on the contact page (putting Dynamic Outcomes in the appropriate field)

Or simply hit the button below to get the ball rolling – this will enable us to understand your needs, arrange for a product demonstration and propose a tailored solution for you.